In today’s era, all the work has become digital, and in such a situation, if we do anything, EMAIL is needed. Most of us are also sending emails but have you ever noticed that while sending emails, there are three options of CC and BCC, which does not know most people do not know. So today, we will tell you about the correct use and the meaning of these three options.

The meaning of CC in Email is Carbon Copy, and BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. You can understand that you have to keep a carbon paper between two sheets for the physical copy of a letter in old age. Whatever you write on the sheet above is printed on the bottom sheet through the carbon copy, and the paper below is called a carbon copy. But now, there is a rapid change in the methods of communication, and now email has replaced paper. In such a situation, if you talk about email, there is a need to send mail to many people together, and therefore the CC has been created.

What does CC mean in EMail?

The CC field allows a sender to send a carbon copy of an email. In addition to sending mail to the person you have to field, someone else can keep in the loop through CC. For example, you can understand that if you match a client linked to a project and want your manager to know about it, you can mail them using the CC field. In it, you have to enter your manager’s address in the client’s email address and CC.

What does BCC mean in EMail?

As we told that BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. Like CC, BCC also works to send a carbon copy of an email. However, the way to work BCC is quite different from CC. If you do anyone in an email, then people in both the fields and CC can see each other’s email addresses. But if you want the person present in the field who does not know who you are sending this mail, you can use the BCC field. All email addresses made in the BCC field will be hidden, and people present in to and CC field will not see him.

What is the meaning of CC and BCC in Email

When should I use CC in EMAIL?

See Technologically, CC and to work in EMAIL works only. In such a case, there is no difference; whether you enter the email address to the field or in the CC field, the person receiving email in both can see each other’s email address. But if the matter

When should BCC use in EMAIL?

The BCC field is entirely different from CC. Email addresses registered in the BCC field are private and hidden. If you have to send emails to more people and do not know if anyone does not know the email address of another person, then you can use the BCC field. Apart from this, if you want to keep someone in the loop, you can not use it even if you do not know about the person who receives the original email. There is another difference in the BCC and CC list; the list is also revealed, but the BCC list hides the reply.

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