The article which I am going to write here is totally based on the internet users. Who always try to use Google as their search engine while surfing the internet. So this article is based on Tor Browser and Tor Network.

So before going to start with the help of an example, I want to tell you that Tor Browser and Tor Network is open-source and free software. That allows you to be on the internet as an anonymous identity.

Now for example if you are planning to purchase a new phone or new shoes or anything. And you search for these items on google or any e-commerce platform. But unfortunately, you did not purchase it and left the site. And after some time when you open your social media account, YouTube or any website. You see similar ads for that products. This clearly means that when you visit any site or search anything on the internet your information was saved with those sites and due to this you started seeing ads.

Tor Browser and Tor Network

Now if you don’t want to share your information with these sites. Then here the Tor Browser and Tor Network Come into the role. You can see the logo here which is an onion and if you see inside an onion you will find that onion has lots of layers. And that’s the concept of the Tor Project to anonymous your identity with the help of layers security.

Understand Tor Network

Now from starting of the covid-19, people started their most of work via online for example study, work, shopping etc. And now people are also being interested in cloud computing, cryptocurrency, digital gold, online transactions etc. And due to this the data breaches and cybercrimes also increased.

And that’s why people are adopting digital products, courses and everything via sharing their data sharing and privacy and cybersecurity. So people who little bit understand their privacy on the internet always go to the safest and anonymous ways. And here Tor Browser and Tor Network come in the state of anonymous internet browsing.

How Tor Network Works

As I told you in the starting that it’s working is the same as onion shape, and it uses this technique to transmit the data between networks, hence It is called Onion router in the Tor Browser and Tor Network. Now if any user is interested in using the Tor Network then he must have to go through the Tor Browser.

Tor Browser and Tor Network

Tor Browser is now available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux and also available for mobile OS like Android and iOS. Any URL request or website made via Tor Browser uses the Tor Network.

Deep Methodology of Normal Browsers

So we will understand it in a simple example, For a normal browser if a user enters any website domain URL like ( Then what happens you are connected with an internet connection given by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). And your connection also contains an IP address, Now if you try that domain that is also connected with an IP address.

So what happens when it will directly send the user IP request to global khabari IP and once it will be authorised then you will receive the website home page back to your browser. So this is the simple process that normal browsers follow.

Deep Methodology of Tor Browser

Now in the Tor browser case, it does not send the user request directly to the final destination, instead, it randomly converts the real user IP address into another user IP address. The network sends the information to User A’s IP address, which encrypts the information and passes it on to User B’s address, which performs another encryption and passes it on to User C’s address, which is the last address known as the exit node.

Now on the exit node side, it again decrypts the data and sends it to the last destination and the destination thinks that this is the last user and authorise the access.

Pros and Cons of Tor Browser and Tor Network


>>> Tor network is open source and completely free to use.

>>> Very Powerful to anonymise your identity from internet for online sites

>>> Security is the first priority of Tor Network


>>> You will find the slower internet connection speed due to the IP manipulation.

>>> The last exit node do not encrypt the traffic

>>> Sometimes you will not get good design and smooth transition experience on sites due to scripts block.


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