Today, Virtual Reality (VR) is a famous name in the Digital ERA world. You are sitting in a room and are marked as if you are present at the place where some events are happening. There is one such technique, which takes you closer to the world. Virtual Reality has become quite popular now. Everyone wants to use it, but fewer people have complete knowledge about this digital technology. In today’s article, we will discuss in detail about virtual reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is created by computer programs and software, of which you become a part. VR devices enable you to explore and live in a different world right from the comfort of your room. Through this technology, you will get a very different experience in gaming and videos.

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Wherever you move your head, the images appear next to that. VR is also converting the Sound and Motion according to your movement. For the VR, The video and games have been filmed with a special type of 360-degree cameras. You can drive a car in VR, play games, and watch realistic videos on VR.

What is Virtual Reality (VR) and its Applications?

How to use VR?

You can connect your gaming console with VR devices that support VR streaming. After this, apart from watching any event live, you can also enjoy gaming.

Enabled mobile voice headsets are quite popular nowadays. Take a example, you can fit in the mobile and enjoy real reality while gaming or watching videos.

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Talking about VR Devices/headsets in the market, mobile version headsets are quite popular, There are mainly 3 types of VR headsets.

  1. Card Board VR Devices
  2. Plastic Headset
  3. Gear VR

Card Board VR Devices

This is the normal range device. This is a simple type of Device. It has two fixed-fit lenses. To use it, you can set your mobile phone and put it in front of your lenses, after which you can easily enjoy gaming and videos in real reality.

Plastic headsets

These headsets are made of plastic frame-like, which have a device space at the front to fit the mobile in it. Once the mobile is fitted into it, it is tied on the head with the band attached at the back in such a way that it is kept in front of the fixed eyes.

Gear VR

If you want to use a high-end luxury VR headset, the Gear VR headset is one of the best options. It is comfortable to use outdoors and able to experience video in better quality.


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