At this time the messaging giant WhatsApp keeps the user’s status part in a different section that is “Status Section”. This is completely separate from the messaging part. But here if we talk about the new upcoming features for WhatsApp users according to WABetaInfo. It can be a little bit similar to Instagram and Messanger profile click stories. That’s mean after this feature you can directly tap on the profile to see their status.

Tap on Profile Picture to View Status on WhatsApp

So the latest Beta build can store this feature to see the status of a user by just clicking on their profile, according to the WABetaInfo report. And this feature is spotted for the Android WhatsApp beta When this feature will be available for the users they will see two options when they will click on the profile. The first one will see the profile and the second one will be viewing WhatsApp status Update. Check out the pictures below.

whatsapp status update

Now here WhatsApp will display a green colour ring to specify that this user updated the WhatsApp status as shown in the below image. This will be similar to the Instagram stories and also Twitter Fleets which is closed by Twitter itself now.

whatsapp status update

So that’s the news which we know about the WhatsApp status update feature. We can expect this feature to roll out soon in the upcoming WhatsApp updates, as it is currently in development. Right now this is not yet available for bet users too. But until this release for the users, you can use this older way of viewing statuses.

With this initial development phase, the messaging giant is also focusing on WhatsApp E2EE Local Backups and also rolled out the joining group video calls.


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