Which is Better? Android TV vs Smart TV

Which is Better? Android TV vs Smart TV

Many people are getting confused about Android TV vs Smart TV. Nowadays, many types of smart features are provided in many TVs, which make the experience of using the TV better.

Usually, such TVs are called Smart TV and Android TV only. Now many times many of us do not understand what is the difference between Android TV vs Smart TV or is it both the same? Today we will know about this in detail.

In earlier times, Black and White TV, Color TV, or CRT TV were very much in trend. In these TVs, TV channels were available through cable network, DTH, antenna, or some devices such as DVD players, video game consoles were connected to the A/V port. Smart TVs have come today, in which many types of multimedia features come.

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What is Smart TV?

Smart TVs are televisions in which internet connectivity options are available. With this, many types of apps are available on the TV or can also be installed. With these apps, features like video streaming, live TV, movie, show streaming are available on TV. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime are available on many TVs.

In today’s TV, apps and many features are available just like a smartphone, which makes the TV a Smart TV. All these smart features make the entertainment experience on TV better.

Which is Better? Android TV vs Smart TV

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What is Android TV?

Nowadays Android TV is also becoming very popular. Android TV is Google’s smart TV platform. Android TV is the version of Android specially made for TVs. In Android TVs, the operating system (OS) coming from Google is given Android, with which many smart features are available on the TV with google support.

Android Televisions comes with Play Store (Google Play Store), in which apps made for Television are available. Apart from this, Google Assistant is given in Android TV, in which you can use many types of features through voice commands.

Which is Better? Android TV vs Smart TV

Android TV vs Smart TV

The biggest difference between Smart TV and Android TV is the platform of the TV. There are many types of TVs in Smart TV, in which the operating system is different. Apart from this, there is also a difference in the interface of different brands of smart TVs.

Many brands provide their own built-in interface in their smart TVs. Apart from this, you have given your custom OS or operating system and your own Apps Store. Apps are also available limited in such TVs.

Android TV is also a type of Smart TV, but it has Google’s Android TV platform. In this, many features are available with Android and Apps from Google Play Store.

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