In our day to day life, one thing is now more important than food and that is the internet. And WiFi is one of them that supports and help out everyone to connect with the world. And today in this article, we will know the WiFi Full Form that is also spelt as Wi-Fi.

WiFi is a kind of wireless local area technology, that work is to allow any electronic device to exchange or transfer data. These devices connect to the internet world with the help of ISM radio bands. We can say that it is a type of wireless local area network (WLAN) technology that is now underlying. This technology gives the power to communicate over a wireless network from computers and other electronic devices.

WiFi Full Form

WiFi Full Form

The full form of WiFi is Wireless Fidelity. And this network component follows some 802.11 standards which are developed by the IEEE, which Wi-Fi alliance. Basically, this is a standard way that allows connecting with the wireless network. Wi-Fi is the trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and is used as a brand name for products using the IEEE 802.11 standards.

People use Wi-Fi as many types of devices like video games, computers, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras etc. WiFi Full Form allows creating a hotspot within a 20-meter range (65 feet). For the security concern, it is a little bit un-secure than a wired connection because you do not need any physical connection to use the WiFi.

Technical Terms for WiFi Full Form

Wi-Fi is based on IEEE 802.11 specifications. This is a list of Wi-Fi standards in chronological order.

  • 802.11a
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11g
  • 802.11n
  • 802.11ac

A wireless accessing point 802.11b or 802.11g provides a range of 120 ft indoor and 300 ft outdoor access of internet through computers, laptops, smartphones etc.

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